Bounce Touch – perfect game for Nokia phones on Symbian 9.4. Here you will be presented before the goal – to roll the ball to the end of the level for a very long track, and you on the road all the time will meet various obstacles with puzzles and stuff. 

Download Bounce Touch 3D Game

Download Bounce Touch 3D Gamel
You will have here an enemy creature in the form of a square, and that is you do harm to the road. Also see that you do not fly out of the path, and then immediately lose one life.


Bounce Game cheats

  • Fly in air

    During gameplay, press 787899 and then press # to fly in the air.


  • High score and Level Complete

    During gameplay, press 787899 and then press 5 to complete level and get 5000 points. This way you go on accumalating points and make the high score. At level 11 press 3 to go to level 1 and repeat the high score proces.


  • Invincibility

    During gameplay, enter 787898 for Invincibility.


  • Level select

    Click 787899 when you play the game, then you’ll hear a sound, then click 1 to go to the previous level or click 3 to go to the next level.


Download (2.85 Mb)